Welcome to Bird in Hand

Your one-stop shop for consignment and donation needs in Philadelphia! Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just decluttering, Bird in Hand is here to help. Our shoppers come from many generations and love to find treasures while enjoying the community spirit that we cultivate. Plus, when you shop, consign, or donate with us, you’re supporting other nonprofits in our community.

Discover unique items at Bird in Hand

We are a non-profit volunteer run consignment shop dedicated to helping people downsize, move,or declutter,  while supporting other nonprofits in our community. Our shoppers come from all walks of life and love to find treasures and enjoy the community spirit that we foster. Come visit us today and see what makes us different!

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Shop the latest items we carry, inquire online and stop by in-store. We carry novelty items, antiques, collectibles, heirlooms, and more. 

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John Ruseau lithograph

Gianfranco Frattini scrivania

Antique Rocking Horse.

Why Shop at Bird in Hand?


Bird in Hand's practices ensure that we only carry the best items. We never carry ivory, and fully inspect repaired or worn & torn items before accepting them into the shop.

We Give Back

As a non-profit organization Bird in Hand gives back to local organizations. We've helped organizations like Meals on Wheels, the Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund, Food Moxie, & more.

Unique Items

Whether it's art, antiques, vintage goods, textiles, etc. - Bird in Hand sources some of the most unique items you can find. Many items are family heirlooms, collectibles, & vintage treasures!


Bird in Hand has been a Chestnut Hill attraction since it first opened in 1975. It's a place where locals shop for gifts they can't find anywhere else, family heirlooms are shared, & where proceeds are returned to the community for various neighborhood projects.

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